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Crosley C100 Turntable

Item # D6600000008

Take a turn with the new Crosley C100. The adjustable counterweight and smooth s-shaped curves of the aluminum tonearm will get in the groove with ease. Get flashy with the adjustable strobe pitch control, and with a built-in pre-amp, the C100 is ready to rock with any powered speaker system.
  • Height: 13.75
  • Width: 5.75
  • Length: 17.75
  • Needle Type: NP-5
  • Belt Driven
  • Start / Stop Control
  • 2 Speed Turntable
  • Fully Manual Operation
  • Damped Die-Cast Aluminum Platter with Felt Slip Mat
  • 1/2" Mount Universal Headshell with Audio Technica Cartridge (Pre-Installed)
  • Balanced S-Shaped Tone Arm with Hydraulic Lift Control, Anti-Skate, Height Adjustment, and Lockable Rest
  • Built-In Switchable Phono Pre-Amplifier with Detachable RCA Output Cables
  • AT3600L Moving Magnetic Cartridge
  • Stoboscopic Platter Speed Indicator
  • Clear Removable Dust Cover
  • 1/2" Mount Universal Headshell
  • Adjustable Pitch Control
  • Tonearm Counterweight