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Crosley DJ100 Turntable In Silver

Item # E-D6600000042

The Crosley DJ100 is a two-speed, fully manual turntable that offers everything a budding DJ needs to gig without breaking the bank. A direct-drive motor gets records up to speed quickly and offers the reliability needed to perfect your DJ techniques. Two start/stop buttons allow you to configure in standard or battle position, while you can easily switch speeds, adjust pitch, disengage or reverse the motor with other easy-to-access controls. The s-shaped tonearm features adjustable anti-skate settings, a counterweight and a removable headshell allowing you to upgrade cartridges as your skills improve. When you?re ready to hit the road, the RCA/USB/AC plugs are recessed so the DJ100 fits nicely into a coffin and there?s a removable light to help cue tracks in the dark. Mix things up with the Crosley DJ100!
  • Needle Type - NP-5
  • 2 Speed Turntable
  • Reverse Function
  • Motor On/Off Button
  • Pitch Control
  • Anti-Skate Adjustment
  • Tonearm Counterweight
  • Line In
  • USB Out
  • LED Light