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Crosley Gig Turntable

Item # D6600000046

Round out your mid-century modern decor with functional art from Crosley. Inspired by furniture from the 50s and early 60s, the Gig?s minimalistic design features sleek rounded edges and a faux wood finish with a matte black front face for contrast. Three knobs on the front allow you to easily crank up the volume, adjust pitch, switch between vinyl, aux-in or the built-in Bluetooth receiver, letting you play digital music through the record player. Use the matching speakers or the RCA outputs on the back to easily integrate into your existing music system. The Gig is a complete two-speed turntable system that?s ready to jam right out of the box.
  • Height: 17.00
  • Width: 6.00
  • Length: 15.00
  • Needle Type - NP-5
  • 2 Speed Turntable Manual Turntable
  • Adjustable Pitch Control
  • Bluetooth Input    3.5mm Aux In
  • Line Out
  • Two Matched Speakers for Stereo Listening