Sofa Sleepers & Loveseats

The living room is the part of our homes, where we spent most of our day. It is the place where we get together with family and friends, and where most of life happens. As a result, it is the room that needs the most frequent furniture update and replacement. The essential furniture piece in the living room is the seating area.  Based on your needs, preferences and space capacity the configuration of your seating might be different.  Keeping this in mind, we have created a section including all of our sofas, sleepers and loveseats. It gives you the opportunity to directly browse our inventory of essential living room furniture pieces.   Whenever space capacity is not an issue, any living room furniture would be appropriate. Yet, if space is a restriction the sofa, sleeper and loveseat can be used to maximize your living room space. The sofa and sleeper provide seating for two or more people. However, the sleeper offers additional functionality by allowing you to convert your living room into a guest bedroom.  Finally, the loveseat seats two people and can be an appropriate choice for smaller spaces.  No matter what you space capacity, preference and needs are the Sofa, Sleeper & Loveseat selection conveniently allows you to browse our inventory of essential living room furniture pieces.