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There’s something uniquely special about vinyl records. For decades, popular music in all genres was pressed onto discs made of vinyl. Over time, vinyl was replaced by other formats, but records have never really gone away. And, thanks to renewed interest in classic and modern vinyl recordings, there’s also a renewed desire to own a turntable. At The RoomPlace, you can find a snazzy collection of today’s turntables to add to your home entertainment center.

Browse this collection to find smartly done replicas of vintage turntables from past eras. We also offer contemporary turntables and turntable systems with sleek or cool designs. With such a broad choice of styles, it’s easy to find a turntable that suits any design preference. Some models are stationery and others offer convenient portability. All turntables feature the classic round table, arm with a needle at the end and various speed settings. Whether you are new to spinning records or an old hat, there’s a turntable for you.

Do you love jukeboxes? Here’s an opportunity to own a modern jukebox that replicates the classic jukebox design. Or, how about a retro radio/CD player? You can find these items, plus speakers and other audio favorites right here.