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Loft Queen Bed

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Up & Up. Replete with clean lines and geometric details, our Loft Queen bed speaks to a hip style that's all your own. The dark finish sets the tone for a high-end feeling, while showing off the beauty of natural-looking wood grains. Peek-through cut-outs in the headboard lend just the right amount of eye-opening appeal, and a low-set footboard keeps the design smartly balanced. Manufactured in Italy.

  • Height:53"
  • Width:3"
  • Length:66"
  • Rails

  • Height:7"
  • Width:2"
  • Length:82"
  • Footboard

  • Height:18"
  • Width:3"
  • Length:66"
  • Finish:Espresso
  • Engineered oak graining provides a natural-looking effect.
  • The dramatic style of the bed is topped off with an open fretwork design on the headboard.
  • Offering interesting visual balance, the lower-profile footboard allows for unobstructed TV viewing.