BEDGEAR Stomach Align Queen Dri-Tech Performance Pillow
Item#: 751030330
Some may assume all pillows are created equal, that if you are a back sleeper or stomach sleeper, your pillow has little to do with a peaceful night’s sleep. The fact is this could not be any further from the truth. Ask any multi-position or side sleepers, and they will tell you that the right pillow makes all the difference. Bedgear can appreciate the importance of a good night’s rest. This is why Bedgear specializes in a variety of positional sleeping pillows, including pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.
Feel the cushioned support of our Stomach Sleeper Position Pillow, specifically designed to give stomach sleepers a more restful night.
Our Stomach Sleeper pillow is low-profile pillow, with a siliconized, long strand, microfiber blend fill. This conforming pillow fill fits to your facial contours and creates the perfect cushioned support for your head. Migrating loft keeps your neck from arching during sleep and helps maintain proper spine alignment, the ideal design for a stomach sleeper.
Common problems from using the wrong pillow include a stiff, aching neck and shoulders, as well as sinus buildup. A Stomach Sleeper  needs a squishy pillow to prevent compression of your airways, while softly supporting your head.
  • Width: 20.00
    • Style: Casual
    • Filled with a unique down- alternative hypoallergenic fill, designed to create the proper support your sleep style
    • Metallic corded seams and unique mesh gusseted sides, for optimal airflow.
    • Dri-Tec® Moisture-wicking, stain-resistant fabric ensures a comfortable sleep all night!
    • Each pillow is filled with a unique down - alternative hypoallergenic fill, designed to create the proper support for each sleep style... "A Bed for Your Head"
    • Soft surface creates cushions and moves with you
    • Conforming fill fits to your facial contours
    • Migrating loft allows maximum air passage
    • Pillow Protectors: 1 Year Performance Warranty.


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