Entertainment Towers & Furniture

Take your home entertainment experience to new levels with The RoomPlace. You’re an avid movie watcher, someone who enjoys traditional or video games, or just like to make the most of your streaming experience. Paired with our comfortable living room and bedroom furniture, entertainment towers and wall units enhance the space’s media while visually blending in.

Entertainment Towers and TV Units

Delivering a space for your TV set, DVD player, speakers and anything for playing music, our entertainment towers are divided into two distinct types.

Wall units, as the name implies, take up the majority of a vertical surface, offering more shelves that frame your TV. If you’re someone who consumes a variety of media and seeks to improve organization in your living space, these tower arrangements take these aspects to the max.

Entertainment center tables, also called a TV console table, provide more of a platform experience. A long table sits at just the right height while offering a combination of drawers and shelves below for storing other audio and visual devices, as well as anything like records, CDs, DVDs or documents.

Beyond the practical aspects, we’ve thought about the visual appeal, using classic, sturdy wood construction in a range of finishes.

Additionally, consider bringing warmth into your space with our fireplace collection. These do double duty, creating a cozy sensation through energy-saving LED flames and electronically powered heating elements. At the same time, the cabinet design offers the right length, support and storage features to function as a TV console table.

Upgrade the Game Room

Not all entertainment comes from a TV or in-home theater system, however, and sometimes, you want some classic fun. Our game room tables capture this enjoyment. Whether you go completely analog or add a TV for background entertainment, we cover all the classic offerings for furnishing a game room, mud room, basement or home bar. Explore foosball, billiards, air hockey, darts and shuffleboard now.

Get it all at The RoomPlace: Along with living room and bedroom TV entertainment units, we help move your purchase along and get the experience you seek with easy financing, fast delivery and our lowest-payment guarantee.