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Sofa Sectionals

You love comfort — or you’re simply someone who entertains regularly. For these purposes, a sofa sectional delivers the roominess, features and adaptability you seek for your living area.

No single couch sectional exists, however. Sets encompass ottomans, chairs and loveseats and cover various fabric and leather types. Today, if you’re seeking an additional degree of comfort and relaxation, power sectionals take these aspects up a level.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to do more with your existing living room, consider The RoomPlace’s vast array of sectionals.

What is a Couch Sectional?

For the average buyer, this is pictured as an L-shaped sofa. Although this assumption isn’t wrong, sectionals deliver far more possibilities: mainly, because they consist of smaller, more adaptable components offering the same degree of comfort. The result presents a modular solution for your living room that can adapt to its size and arrangement.

Couch sectionals consist of multiple standard parts. This includes a traditional sofa, which makes up the bulk of the sectional’s body; a loveseat that can sit at an angle to the sofa; chairs and recliners that can extend the length of the sectional and offer more customized seating; and a corner to adapt the piece for more angular spaces. Across all, you’ll find the same fabric and upholstery, while armrest usage creates a seamless experience.

How to Select a Sofa Sectional

Right now, you’re thinking about materials and décor. Although these play a factor, narrow down potential options through the following factors:

  • How much space you have, and the configuration of your living room. This can determine if you have the square feet for a larger sectional, or should select a smaller, more compact size.
  • The style you’re going for, as the sectional will become the room’s dominant piece. Consider a leather couch sectional for something more luxurious, or match all pieces to the existing color scheme. Choose from traditional and rustic to contemporary and