Beds & Furniture for Kids & Babies

Your child’s room serves a multitude of purposes. It functions as a sleeping area and a study place, it’s where they’ll socialize with friends, and it offers a spot simply to relax. Design and furniture reflect this variety, starting with the bed and encompassing their dresser and desk area. Space also needs to be taken into account.

Of course, as your child grows, their tastes will change. Prepare to transition and adapt with children’s room furniture from The RoomPlace.

Beds for Kids & Young Teens

Perhaps you’re shopping for a crib, designing the baby’s room with your perspective and needs as your guidance. Or, you now have a little kid wanting to ensure their bed and room reflect their budding tastes. In a few years, however, you may have an elementary schooler or tween who’s developed opinions and thinks their childhood bedroom is, frankly, “too childish” and wants something more mature — but not like what the adults have.

As they grow and change and their tastes subsequently evolve, find beds for boys and girls at all life stages. Consider space with twin and full-size beds, accommodate a sleepover or desk with a bunkbed, or give your young teen a place to sleep and lounge with a daybed.

Along with their opinions, take account the available floor space and how you can maximize it — also while factoring in desks and dressers. Within this perspective, bunkbeds and trundle beds deliver the best space-saving solutions, allowing for two siblings to economically share a room, placing a desk or adding additional storage below a twin-size bed.

Also within this framework, let your kid or teen have a say in the design and comfort level, from sleigh beds to canopies to softer pillow-top mattresses in twin and full sizes.

Children’s Furniture to Complete the Room

Although the bed serves as the focal point, you need to consider the rest of what your child or teen does when they’re at home. Our kids’ bedroom sets coordinate this visually, adding a cohesive appearance.

Or, especially if you’re only upgrading part of their room, create their haven while offering something practical through dressers and chests, chairs, nightstands and bookcases and hutches in kid-friendly styles and designs that will grow with them into the teen years.

A fixture in Chicagoland areas, The RoomPlace presents children’s room furniture you won’t find anywhere. Browse today, and once you’re ready to make a purchase, take advantage of easy financing, fast delivery and our lowest-payment guarantee.