Build Your Own Couch

We say you can get it all at The RoomPlace. Our selection is second-to-none, but we’re going a step further with modular, custom-made furniture.

Specifically, we let you build your own couch. No two living rooms are the same. Even if they use the same floor plan, décor and space usage sets each apart. Some keep it minimal and contemporary, while others delve into every detail. Colors matter. Fabrics set the tone. What results isn’t just a place to sit. Instead, it’s a custom sectional, couch or chair that reflects who you are — your classic or modern tastes, your eye for style and your usage of all available square feet.

Ready to build a couch in line with your vision? Here’s how you can get started.

What You Should Know Before You Build a Couch

Custom-made furniture lets you design something specifically to your vision. There are no compromises, or wondering if something will fit. Instead, a modular sofa adjusts to your space, providing a necessary degree of flexibility. Move it from one room or floor to the next, or take it with you to your new home, knowing you have options.

When it comes to building your own couch, the options seem limitless — and as long-time furniture experts, we enjoy helping you find something you truly connect with.

Yet, a few points need to be considered:

  • What’s your vision? Take a look at your living room’s existing décor and colors. How would you describe its style? Are you aiming to upgrade? Look for fabrics and colors that mesh with your current or future vision yet stand out with their personality.
  • How much space do you have? Do you live in a large, open-plan home, with one space effortlessly segueing to the next? Are you living in an apartment? How much flexibility does your current living situation afford? Take this into account, and measure the amount of space available. While modular sofas are designed to adapt, aim to select a piece that will fit without issue or limitations in your current living room.
  • What does the future hold? Are you thinking about moving to your first home or a larger dwelling? Modular couches move with you, adjusting to new spaces. Consider how this piece can adapt to your current living room, and the possibilities it will deliver down the line.
  • Get into the finer details. How is your room shaped? Which other pieces do you currently have in the living area, and how would you describe them? In creating custom-made furniture, align the minute factors with the bigger picture. For instance, if your room and furniture tend to feature softer lines, create a custom sofa with rounded edges.

Create a living room bringing your design vision to fruition with The RoomPlace. Take advantage of our lowest payment guarantee and fast shipping as you build your own custom furniture set.