Finding the Perfect Dining Room Furniture at The RoomPlace

If the heart of the home is in the kitchen, then the soul surely lives in the dining room. This is where family and friends nourish their bodies and spirits, eating and fellowshipping together. Such a significant space in the home deserves the perfect dining room set to accommodate countless meals, celebrations, and soirees.

But just as different people prefer different types of foods, assorted styles of dining room sets set the tone for various occasions. The casual elegance of straight-backed chairs and classic, clean hardwood tables accommodates family breakfasts and potlucks alike. In more formal settings, dining room tables crafted with fine detailing and refined upholstered chairs are tailor-made for dinner parties. Before you start searching for dining room furniture in Schaumburg, Tinley Park and elsewhere around Chicago and Indianapolis it’s important to determine which dining style best suits your needs.

Sizing Up Dining Room Sets

Obviously, the dining room experience centers around the table. But not just any table will do. Dining room sets should satisfy your entertaining needs, whether that only involves weeknight suppers or full-scale formal feasts. Before you select suitable dining room furniture that fits your style, you must make sure it will fit in its allotted space.

The designer’s rule of thumb when finding the perfect dining room set is to allow 2 feet between place settings to ensure that guests won’t be bumping elbows. To assess which table size best matches your dining room’s measurements, factor in the table dimensions as well as the chairs around it. Experts note that seating arrangements should allow at least 3 feet from the back of the dining room chair to the wall or other nearby dining room furniture.

Catering to Individual Taste

Traditional dining room sets are adaptable to mid-week meals, or Thanksgiving dinners with family and friends. Larger dining rooms call for more refined dining room sets that set the tone for the rest of the room. Longer rectangular or oval tables that feature intriguing textures and veneers will fill the space both physically and visually. When space is a premium, drop leaf and pedestal dining room table styles are a saving grace. Or for more intimate experiences, size down the table and opt for luxuriously comfortable dining room chairs that allow couples and friends to linger long after dessert.

Once you’ve found the perfect affordable dining room furniture from The RoomPlace, you can guarantee that guests will certainly want to come back for seconds!