Arranging Living Room Furniture

Since living rooms serve as the communal epicenters of the home, their furniture scheme should foster fellowship, entertainment, and relaxation. Before you buy a single leather sofa, you should first measure walls and floor space to ensure you’ll have ample room to position various pieces without cluttering the living room. Living room collections at The RoomPlace are designed with harmony in mind, and come with display suggestions that can help you get started. Measuring beforehand will assure you that all the living room pieces you find at our Chicagoland furniture stores will fit within the available space. Now the big question remains: how are you going to arrange it?

The Center of Attention

Living room furniture arrangements should accommodate the function of the room. Formal living room displays should focus attention inward to cultivate conversation, while more casual settings will probably revolve around entertainment. With that in mind, Better Homes and Gardens recommends selecting a focal point of the living room and arranging furniture around it. For example, if the television is meant to be the center of attention, the dominant sofa should face it. Large windows, ornamental mirrors, striking artwork and fireplaces also make great focal points of your Merrillville or Tinley Park living room.

A Balancing Act

Once you’ve established the room’s center of attention, it’s important to maintain scale as much as possible. This doesn’t imply that all living room furniture has to be the same dimension, but one piece shouldn’t dwarf its neighbors. For instance, a petite coffee table will appear imbalanced if enclosed by a generous sized sectional sofa – not to mention the table will be inaccessible to many people sitting down. So you might opt for a larger, more proportionate table from The RoomPlace. An easy rule to remember for preserving balance is to anchor a large sofa with two smaller living room chairs on either side for symmetry.

Avoid Traffic Jams

While you’re busy balancing out your living room, don’t forget to leave room for easy traffic flow. Unless they’re used to section off an oversized room, sofas and other seating arrangements should open up into doorways rather than against them. Allow a few feet between couches and coffee tables as well, to supply legroom while keeping the central table within an easy reach. And since not every seat in the living room will be sidled up next to the coffee table, place end tables nearby those outlying chairs and loveseats.

Essentially, the goal of arranging living room furniture is to create a sense of calm and warmth. Spreading seating arrangements too thin will feel isolating, but cramped quarters will be unpleasant as well. With a focused design and balanced pieces from The RoomPlace, family and friends from all over Chicago and Indianapolis will feel right at home in your living room.

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