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Gifts for Housewarming
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Housewarming Gifts

A couple buying their first home and finally moving in is an exciting occasion. It’s the first property they’ll own together, likely after years of renting, and a symbol of their status as husband and wife. From a financial standpoint, a first home represents maturity and advancing onto the next step in life — one that will help build equity and wealth with time. Through all of these perspectives, new homeowners may hold a housewarming party to celebrate the event, so the right gift is in order.

If you’re on the search for a new home gift, turn to The RoomPlace, where you can get it all and find unique pieces you’ll see nowhere else. Our housewarming gifts cover a spectrum of styles across décor and furniture, speaking to the couple’s shared tastes and enhancing their property. Consider the following:

Useful and Practical Housewarming Gifts

Brighten up a room — be it a kitchen, living room or home office — with the perfect lighting fixture, one designed to illuminate while adding individualistic style. Especially with hardwood composing most of the floors, area rugs also make practical gifts for new homeowners, protecting against scuffs and helping decrease wear. As a third option, wall clocks add interest to a space while always ensuring the homeowner can check the time.

Holistically, these housewarming gifts appeal to both him and her, and are sure to be appreciated now and in the distant future by the use they provide.

Decorative Accents

If the new homeowners are moving in with a full set of furniture, what then? Decorative accents bring out a space’s personality and round out its character. An option for both men and women, these pieces encompass mirrors with eye-catching frames that can be placed in both common areas and bedrooms, and wall art that makes a room feel lived in and highlights its distinctive vibe.

Find Housewarming Gifts at The RoomPlace

We’re known for our variety, and present a spectrum of choices across a range of price points. Browse our selection of furniture, accents and décor today for a housewarming gift that will make an impression, and get easy financing and fast delivery on your purchase.