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Gifts for the Interior Decorator
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Gifts for the Interior Decorator

When it comes to furniture and décor, you’ll never hear an interior designer say, “That’ll do” or “We’ll make it work.” Such a flippant, disorganized approach leads to a hodgepodge of a room — mixed décor styles, colors and materials that don’t gel and no clear sense of character. The space gets pulled in multiple directions, and you don’t know what to make of it.

Interior designers take a detailed, specific and definitely fastidious approach to their space, thinking about fabrics, finishes and the relationships between certain pieces. Whether your spouse or roommate holds this role in your home, you have a friend or neighbor who views their space through this lens, or you’re looking for a thank you gift for an interior designer this holiday season, we have a few ideas:

All About the Character

The best gifts for interior designers start small but make a substantial impact. Accessories and décor might not make the largest impression, but as interior design professionals and lovers know, one color, pattern or material adds a new degree of interest to a space, be it a living room, bedroom or even the bathroom.

Through this perspective, area rugs in neutral to bold hues, mirrors, throw pillows, lighting fixtures, and various types of décor all have this effect. As a tip, when you’re searching for gifts for interior designers, ask them about their preferences — albeit indirectly — ahead of time, or have a sense of their home’s character and style to narrow down the possibilities.

Venture into Furniture

Furniture is integral to the room’s experience. Beyond the feel, it’s the design and the lines each piece makes, and the cohesive feeling everything has when it all works in conjunction together. For one of these larger-scale interior design gifts, consider coffee and accent tables, cabinets, accent chairs, vanity sets, and benches from The RoomPlace. Our selection is so vast and varied, you’ll find just the piece that complements their home’s existing style.

Find Interior Design Gifts at The RoomPlace

From minimalist and contemporary to rustic and classic, our selection spans a range of styles, with many options geared toward the interior designer’s refined tastes and eye. Browse furniture, décor and accent pieces today, and get easy financing and fast delivery on your order.