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When it’s time to upgrade to a newer TV set for individual, family or any kind of group entertainment, The RoomPlace has everything you desire in a modern HDTV. Browse our collection to find a range of high-quality smart TVs for the living room, bedroom and any room that has space for a flat screen TV. Our collection features the latest models, with all the features you expect to find in a quality flat screen TV. Best of all, you can find your dream HDTV at prices suitable for every budget.

All TV sets in this collection offer stellar color and screen clarity for the very best high-definition entertainment viewing. Images on the screen look crisp and screen dimensions make it possible for everyone to see the action from various angles. Sound quality goes hand-in-hand with visual quality and these TVs deliver fantastic sound. And, if you’re setting up a home theatre system, or simply want even better sound, we offer soundbar kits for maximum sound quality. Choose any TV to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, streamed entertainment and web content.