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Mattress Protectors
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Crib-Size Mattress Protectors at The RoomPlace

A Crib-Size Mattress Protector from the RoomPlace can help your entire household find better sleep by keeping your baby cool and comfy through the night. Babies have a tougher time regulating their own body temperature, so anything parents can do to help them keep from overheating is good.

Our mattress protectors are made with climate controlling fabrics that wick moisture and deflect heat away from your wee one, so she’ll stay cooler and dryer all night. That means better sleep for her — and everyone else in the house.

The mattress protectors in our collection are a great investment because they’ll help keep your kid’s convertible crib mattress in excellent shape well into her teen years. Not only does a high-quality mattress protector provide a waterproof barrier to guard against stains, it also blocks dust mites and pet dander and reduces the amount of allergens that can build up in a mattress.

That all adds up to a healthier sleep experience for baby and you.